Laker Brenda

Laker Brenda

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Laker Brenda

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 6/15/1999
Age: 21
Country: Uganda
Town: Gulu
Church: Attending

Brenda lives with her parents. Her parents, however, are weak and do not work. Her mother suffered a stroke and her father is a diabetic. Brenda is the youngest of five children. On the weekends, some of them go into the village to dig in the gardens of others in return for food or money.

In addition to digging, Brenda also fetches water and cooks for the family. At school she especially likes math and science. She also enjoys playing net ball with her friends. She aspires to be a veterinary doctor.

Your kind heart and support will help Brenda to receive the assistance she needs to develop her potential. Please pray for her.


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