Gidudu Ambrose

Gidudu Ambrose

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Gidudu Ambrose

Gender: Male
Birthdate: 09/17/2005
Age: 15
Country: Uganda
Town: Lira

Ambrose lives with his father, brother, and sister. His mother passed away in 2011. His father is a pastor, and Ambrose would like to become a bishop when he grows up. He helps his father by fetching water and washing utensils.

Two years ago, Ambrose fell sick, had malaria. The treatment affected his ears, so now he is almost completely deaf. Hearing aids would help.

Ambrose attends church on Sundays. He is also in primary school where his performance is excellent. He loves drawing, reading, football and boxing. With your love and support Ambrose will be able to receive the assistance he needs to develop his potential. Please pray for him. 


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