Lamara Agnes

Lamara Agnes

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Lamara Agness

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 10/12/2000
Age: 19
Country: Uganda
Town: Pader
Church: Faith Mission Church

Agnes lives with her paternal aunt. She has 2 sisters although one sister lives with another aunt in another district. Her aunt is a subsistence farmer and has one biological son. Her father lives in another town and is HIV positive. Unfortunately, her father accidentally beat her mother to death because one of the children had burnt Agnes with hot porridge. Agnes was still a very young baby at the time. While at home Agnes' duties include washing dishes and fetching water from the well. 

Agnes attends Sunday school at her church and is involved in singing which is also her favorite activity. She also goes to Primary school and is in level five where her performance is average. She would like to be a teacher in future. 

With your love and support Agnes will be able to receive the assistance she needs to fully develop her potential. Please pray for her.


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