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The financial resource provision is tailored to the specific needs of each child.  We generally provide funds for school fees, supplies such as books and pens, uniforms, and food subsidies. The food subsidies vary dramatically based on the child’s circumstances; for instance, in child-headed homes (i.e., oldest sibling oversees a home where all the siblings live with no parent), food is provided on a more regular basis.

Members of Watermark are able to directly sponsor a child being supported by Watermark’s partnership with ALARM. Each child is only sponsored by one Watermark member; however, we pool our resources together to financially support ALARM corporately. The cost of sponsorship is $40/month for each child. Click here to sponsor a child.

As a part of your sponsorship we are now asking that you write at least two letters per year to your child. We are requiring this because studies of child sponsorship programs around the world have shown that children in sponsor programs who receive consistent communication from sponsoring families are more likely to remain in the program and in school. These letters are a great encouragement to the child that you sponsor and are an incredible way for you to share the love of Christ with them. Your letters will be hand delivered to ALARM Uganda when a team from Watermark is heading to that country for a discipleship trip. You will receive an email requesting that you write a letter and bring it to Watermark in advance of those trips.

If you wish to make a general donation, you may do that also. Click here to learn about how one-time gifts are used. Click here to make a general donation to Orphan Care.

If you have more questions about sponsorship, click here to review the FAQs.

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