Through ALARM, Watermark is providing funds for microfinance and other economic development programs throughout Uganda. There are two broad groups of people ALARM seeks to serve through its microfinance program.

  • Widows – Widows comprise a disproportionately large percentage of the population in Northern Uganda due to the decades of war.  As the IDP camps begin to close, these women are some of the most at risk due to no land ownership, no patriarchal protection and provision, and high illiteracy rates.
  • Older Teens – Many older teens drop out of school due to lack of financial provision and distressed family circumstances.  In addition, many teenage girls are forced into marriages to provide a dowry for their family, which leads to little education or economic opportunity.

ALARM works with the local church to identify the loan or business development recipients and provides a comprehensive service to the recipients that extends far beyond a financial loan or business startup. Most recipients are placed in discipleship groups through the local church to provide discipleship, trauma healing, literacy training, etc.

Common industries for loans include jewelry, agricultural farming (including a seed program), and animal farming (chickens, goats, pigs).

Click here to see a video of some women we are empowering.


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