Watermark has been partnering with ALARM since late 2006 to support orphans and other at risk children. We currently sponsor 740 children who live in the worn torn region of northern Uganda (Gulu, Pader, and Kitgum) and the capital city of Kampala. Our support pays for school fees, books, and school uniforms. It also provides a monthly food allowance for all the children in the program and an adult mentor to shepherd and disciple the child. Most of the children have lost parents and are living with relatives or in a child-headed home; to a lesser extent, there are some children who have no father and live with their mother who is HIV-positive.

ALARM has a key leader in each of the four communities whose responsibility it is to oversee the program.  The primary responsibility of the local leader is to implement and manage the mentoring program as well as manage the use of financial resources. The mentoring program generally connects the child to a local church and provides Bible discipleship, counseling, trauma healing, purity training, hygiene training, conflict resolution venues through Peace Clubs, and other resources as needed.

Click here to see a video about the program

Members of Watermark are able to directly sponsor a child being supported by Watermark’s partnership with ALARM. Each child is only sponsored by one Watermark member; however, we pool our resources together to financially support ALARM corporately. The cost of sponsorship is $40/month for each child. Click here to sponsor a child.

If you have more questions about sponsorship, click here to review the FAQs.

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