Watermark and ALARM began partnering with Living Water in late 2008 to drill water wells in communities that have a lack of clean drinking water. ALARM identifies the strategic location for a well, and Living Water drills the well. Key criteria in identifying sites include:

  • Places with minimal support from government or NGOs
  • Strategic location for broader ALARM ministries
  • Lack of alternative water source within nine miles
  • At least 250 people living in the area, or willing to move there when water is available
  • Support from local leadership and citizens to ensure stewardship of well after drilling
  • Confirmation from hydrologists that location is promising for long-term water production

The wells reinforce our efforts in equipping leaders, economically empowering widows, and providing an education to orphans and other at risk children. We drilled two wells in late 2008 and six wells in 2009, and we are now on a pace to drill 12-18 wells per year.

To learn more about how a local community was transformed by a well drilled by Watermark, ALARM, and Living Water, click here.

To learn more about our efforts with respect to clean water, visit our Watermark Conspiracy site.


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