In partnership with ALARM, we teach 500-1,000 leaders per year in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Trauma Healing, and other strategic topics (hygiene, marriage, parenting, etc) across several African countries, including Uganda.  The African leaders we equip and encourage include pastors, pastors’ wives, government leaders, civic leaders, and tribal leaders from a variety of faith backgrounds, including Christian, Muslim, and animist.  All teaching relies heavily on Scripture, and Bibles are provided to all participants in order to equip and enable the students to continue learning the Biblical principles long after the conference is completed.

Our objective is twofold.  In addition to equipping and encouraging the Ugandan students, we strive to encourage, equip, and disciple some of our best leaders through these trips to impact their ministry in Dallas in the home, at the workplace, and in the community.  Therefore, these trips are “invitation only” with invitations extended to our core members who are in healthy community groups, actively serving, and displaying leadership traits in Dallas. It is with this spirit that we call the trips “discipleship” trips rather than “mission” trips.

We send teaching teams to Uganda at least twice per year. Communities where we have taught include Pader, Gulu, Lira, Pallisa, Masindi, Kitgum, and Soroti.

If you have an interest in participating in a future teaching trip, please complete this application.

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